An open top container from Meeberg; perfect for top-loading cargo


The open top container designs that Meeberg creates for its clients are perfect for transporting top-loaded cargo. With a broad range of options for open top containers, they offer transport materiel for both rental and sale purposes. This company refurbishes and rebuilds used container units, allowing it to provide your company with custom-made solutions at a reasonable price point. If you have larger cargo that fits poorly or not at all in a regular shipping container, a rebuilt open top container ensures you can still ship without issue. The offerings of Meeberg include both containers of standard height and specialized High Cube containers, available in lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet. High Cube containers are somewhat taller (2,55 meters) than a regular model open top container (2,25 meters), helping you ship outsize cargo safely. Meeberg does all its open top container rebuilding work in-house, to make sure your custom-built container meets your exact requirements. Meeberg’s experienced staff will happily discuss these custom-made solutions with you.

Your Meeberg tankcontainer, easily purchased

Before your company buys a tankcontainer, many factors must be considered; the medium to be transported, the required capacity, et cetera. The team at Meeberg leverages their experience to guide you step by step towards making your company’s purchase; a tankcontainer built exactly the way you need it, delivered in your livery and logo should you wish it. This container company always provides technical drawings and a specification sheet, assuring you always receive a tankcontainer meeting the exacting requirements of your business.

A reputed container company, the whole world over

Meeberg has remained a family owned company for all 35 years of its existence, and continues to be so today. They leverage their extensive experience to be a worldwide service partner to their clients. The business portfolio they have built over the years is founded on reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise & commitment. The result? A customer base in more than 70 countries, across 6 continents. Is your company Meeberg’s next satisfied customer? Reach out today for more info!