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Liebherr WTES 5872 Vinidor Review

Liebherr is a well-known German brand in the UK, and there is no denying that its good reputation derives from the high quality products that it has always supplied to its customers. Specializing particularly in the field of refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr has always been a leading manufacturer, and over the years it has managed to retain a good standing in the market, while continuing to improve even further so as to exceed customers’ expectations. One of its latest products is the Liebherr WTES 5872 Vinidor. This is a freestanding 26inch wine cabinet, which has three temperature zones for utmost efficiency.

The Liebherr WTES 5872 is an ideal appliance for residences, as well as in a retail outlet or a restaurant where one needs to store several bottles. It is also ideal for wine collectors who want the peace of mind that their wine bottles are stored in ideal conditions, while also enabling them to present them nicely wherever this cabinet is placed. In fact, the design of this wine cabinet guarantees that it still looks elegant, and so there is no need to worry that it may look bulky or unsightly. Liebherr have always placed importance on an aesthetically pleasing and functional design, and this is evident in this wine cabinet.

The Liebherr WTES 5872 is 192cm high, 70cm wide and 74.2cm deep. It can store up to 178 Bordeaux bottles of 0.75l each. The cabinet color is of a stainless steel color, which gives it a glossy and elegant finish which will complement nicely any room’s décor.

The LED light columns ensure that the interior is well lit. The light columns are integrated on both sides of the compartment liner, and they are placed in a way that uniform lighting is provided. Moreover, the energy efficient LED lights that are used in this unit emit virtually no heat and are dimmable so as to create a pleasant ambient light inside the unit as well as in the rest of the room.

Since it is important to minimize the exposure to light, this wine cabinet, like all Liebherr wine cabinets, is fitted with a specially designed UV-resistant insulated glass. This not only allows one to see the contents of the unit easily, but it also protects the wine bottles in an ideal way.

There is also a FreshActivated Charcoal filter, which guarantees clean air within the unit. Thanks to this special filter, any odors get filtered out so as to retain a proper environment for wine bottles. Defrosting is automatic.

The door has a soft closing mechanism and the door hinges are on the right hand side and reversible. The SoftSystem is unique to Liebherr products. This patented system offers a high-end finish and one does not have to worry that the door can bang itself shut, because it will close gently and softly every time. The door opening angle can also be reduced to as little as 90 degrees for those cases where a wider opening may prove to be problematic. The unit comes with an integrated lock, and the stainless stell oval handle is nicely designed for an effortless opening and closing.

There are 13 wine racks in all. These are telescopic rails which guarantee convenient handling and easy access. The solid beech wood shelves do not only allow you to access the wine bottles easily, but they also offer a very elegant look to the interior of the wine cabinet. There is also a presentation shelf which allows bottles to be stored horizontally at the rear side. This makes for a nice presentation as when the bottles are tilted they look even more prominent. Therefore in this wine cabinet you can strike just the right balance between storage and presentation purposes.

For a more sophisticated look, the Liebherr WTES 5872 also includes an LCD electronic display. The touch electronic control systems allows for customizable storage options. There is a digital temperature display situated in an ideal place and easily visible through the UV tinted glass door. There is also the added convenience and practicality of choosing the temperature for each of the three temperature zones separately. Adjustments to one zone can be made independently from the rest of the zones.

The compressors are specially designed for wine cabinets, where it is critical that there is a low vibration to retain the wine in a proper storage environment. The sound rating is also optimal.

The Liebherr WTES 5872 has a Star-K rating. This certification guarantees that it meets high standards. Needless to say the German engineering and years of experience behind Liebherr products also guarantees that this is a premium quality product, with various innovative features and a unique design. From exclusive materials and components, to the latest technology in production, this is a product that can offer your utmost efficiency, performance and longevity.