Cavepromotor is the online wine cabinet specialist for every winelover. It is not just another appliance, because you are gonna store your favourit wines. Some of your wines you want to serve and others need time to come to the highest level under perfect surcomstances. You can go to a store where they also sell wine cabinets. But do you get the best wine cabinet for your need and how are you gonna measure the humidity? And what about the environmental vibrations? And when do you know when it is time to change the Aktive Carbonfilter? All these questions are solved when buying at Cavepromotor. The roots of the founder is in the wine industry and he is still selling exclusive wines. The reason to start with Cavepromotor is that people store there wines in a horrible way when they don’t have a wine cellar of wine cabinet. When realizing this the owner started research not only for the quality of the wine cabinet, but also about the service organisation behind.

He concluded that Liebherr is the most reliable wine cabinet manufactorer and that is why only Liebherr is sold by Cavepromotor. From day one there was a strong relationship and thats why Cavepromotor has expand there business from Europe to the USA also. The difference between Europe and the USA is the variaty of models. In the USA there are less models than in Europe. For the experts it is easier to give advice in the USA than in Europe. Throughout al the countries there is the white glove delivery. It is the customer that can decide with or without installation. But every customer that buys a freestading wine cabinet receives a set of Vibration Reduction Blocks and a digital hydrometer. The customer that orders a integrated model installs by it self but also gets the digital hydrometer. With the hydrometer you can measure the level of humidity inside your wine cabinet. Because of weather influences or AC the humidity can get to low. This is the moment that you have to start ventilating. This is what you do for you bottles with a cork closing. Cork is a natural product that will shrink when the humidity is to low. The effect is that air and bacterials can go into the bottle and destroy your wine. When you open the bottle for drinking you will be disappointed. You will complain that the bottle is bad… But actually you didn’t store your wine under the required surcomstances. The same for vibrations. They have a negative effect on the riping of your wines. The older to fast or will never reach their to level. Thats why you receive a set of vibration reduction blocks. The smell inside your wines can be harmed with bad air coming in the wine cabinet. So you have to filter the air with Aktive Carbon filter. But you have to replace in time. So you get an alert from the Cavepromotor Filter Alert Service that is time to replace. No hussle for you what type of filter you need, because get send the perfect fitting one.

Do you have a need for a wine cabinet?

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