Choose trustworthy ballastless tracks


The existing most used railway track construction process has not really changed over the past few decades. The lack of development in this industry would suggest it cannot be perfected further. However, the opposite is true. Stabirail has created and developed a groundbreaking railway track construction process of laying ballastless tracks. This new technology for anchoring tracks provides more stability, the absence of deformation and a shallower construction height. This makes these tracks optimal for the use in tunnels and railway stations. These are only some of the many advantages of using ballastless tracks by Stabirail. Make sure to read on to discover how these tracks are laid.

What is the railway track construction process like?

Stabirail has designed and developed a cost-effective way of laying ballastless tracks, especially in tunnels and railway stations. It is assembled directly on the concrete bedding with a special sequence of machines and trains. Firstly, the milling train comes along. This train lays the concrete bedding with millimeter accuracy. It works on a 3D-system which makes it capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes. Secondly, the diamond drilling train comes along, which drills the holes to anchor the tracks. Finally, the anchoring train anchors the actual tracks into place. This entire process is very quick and offers minimal vibrations and formation of dust.

Lower your costs dramatically

With choosing ballastless tracks from Stabirail, you make a conscious choice for lower life-costs of your tracks. These tracks have longer design life and are very low in maintenance. This makes them the perfect option for railway tracks, high speed railways, railway tunnels and train washing systems. Make sure to get in touch with Stabirail for more information about their innovative railway track construction process and make the conscious decision to pay less for more.