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Conference Room Design And Ideas

Conference rooms are used to gather people as a group or as private one to one spaces. All in all, the rooms aren’t in use very often, but when they are it’s important that the layout serves a purpose.

There are many options to take into consideration such as, internal and external use, how many people can be seated and what design will work. With some subtle tips on how to get started, your conference room will be up and running in no time.

Add some light

Conference and meeting rooms can be quite a dark and dingy space, which in reality is the last thing you need. With meetings going on for hours and important training taking place, full attention is required.

If you’re struggling for natural light, look for alternate options such as lighter seating fabrics, light wall colours and even choosing brighter (yet subtle) ceiling lights.

Your colour choice matters

The colours you use in any space, including a conference can change the mood and size of the room. The smaller the room, lean towards a softer, bright and lighter colour. The larger the room, the more options you’ll have and you can look at slightly dark colours.

Colours can also affect our mood and can change based on the intensity of each colour. Blue’s, oranges and yellow can portray harmony, creativity, and comfort.

Interchangeable Furniture

Selecting the right furniture for the space is imperative. However, linking into the office design and making the space multifunctional, re-configurable furniture is ideal.

Look at furniture which can easily be moved around to chance the layout of the room if required. But also any furniture which has add-ons to change the use and upgrade is a clever idea.

Take the comfy approach!

Corporate is good, but comfort is also needed. Take a mix of both and create a professional conference area with comfy seating and sofa options. Whilst they might not always be in use, the comfy options are great for less formal meetings and one to one’s

Suitable for internal and external use Your conference room has to be suited to internal use with colleagues and also in the event of visitors. Realistically, it needs to be multifunctional and have several attributes which allows the room to be efficient for both purposes.

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