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Discover the qualities of a sustainable belt dryer

Do you work as a professional farmer and are you looking to purchase a high-quality belt dryer that will deliver the required drying results, but also consistent quality? Then you might be interested in the products and services of Dutch Dryers. This company specializes in manufacturing custom-made advanced drying systems. These systems are designed to be used in both small and large agricultural enterprises. Learn more!

Perfect drying results by working with a belt dryer

Would you like to use process heat with the aim to dry a high moisture level and turn it into a useable dry product? Or are you interested in achieving different, but similar results? In this case, a belt dryer is the ideal solution. With a high-quality belt dryer, designed and manufactured by this company, you are guaranteed to achieve optimum drying results using low value and/or residual heat. To ensure optimal quality and quick delivery, the development and manufacturing processes regarding the belt dryers are entirely undertaken in-house. So, how does the product work? The process starts with transporting the material to be dried on a moving conveyor belt, whilst hot air is being sucked through the material in order to dry it. A flow hot air with a temperature of 50 °C is already sufficient to achieve a perfect drying result.

Contact the company to receive more information

Are you interested in purchasing a belt dryer and would you like to gain more information on the product? The professionals that work for Dutch Dryers are happy to help. They will provide personal advice, tailored to your specific situation and will come up with the perfect solution for your company. Are you interested in getting in touch? Fill out the contact form or contact the company by mail or telephone. The professionals will be pleased to work out a business case for you.

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