Easy to complete NBA Live Mobile sets

These sets are a great starting point for new NBA Live Mobile players. They are easy to complete and the items needed for completing them are acquired pretty fast.

Here are a couple of New NBA Live Mobile sets that new players can easily complete. The items are acquired simply by playing the game and opening packs bought from the store.

Bronze player trade-in is a repeatable set that invites players to exchange nine bronze players for a pack that contains two trophies. Repeatable means that the set can be completed more than once. A similar set that requires seven silver players for a pack containing six trophies is available as well. As players obtain better basketball player cards they will be able to complete sets like the gold player trade-in that gives 10 trophies in exchange for five gold players. Before completing the gold player set, users should check players value on the auction house. It might be more profitable to sell them for coins. Trophies can be used in other sets such as bronze trophy exchange that turns five bronze trophies into a silver one. The tutorial set is one of easiest NBA Live Mobile sets. All needed items are quickly earned by completing the tutorial. Some live events sets are pretty easy to complete as well. In most cases, players will acquire the items just by completing live events.

New players should also keep an eye on events and limited duration programs. NBA Live Mobile hosts events dedicated to holidays or real NBA events like the Playoffs. During these events, special sets are added to the game. The items needed to complete them are won by taking part in live events that are available throughout the duration of the program. These sets and live events cater to all players so newcomers shouldn’t be afraid to tackle them. Players can browse the sets list that is divided into a few categories. Tapping on a set will reveal which items are needed and the reward. A handy “add all items” button is used to automatically fill the set with owned items. When “claim” is pressed the reward is obtained and the items are spent. Players are advised to double check before claiming the reward as they might lose items that are more valuable than the set reward. The NBA Live Mobile coins you also need for your playing, which will offer you the great helpful.