Every wine lover has a Liebherr wine cabinet

A Liebherr wine cabinet there can be a wine lover a lot of money to spend. Ultimately, it is thewine that the largest value and which should be under top conditions. Women as well as men realize the importance of the wine Cabinet. There is not only refrigerated,but especially the air is purified and the humidity can be brought up. This is very important when it comes to bottles with a cork closure. It is the Cork that came with alow humidity go to shrink.


When a cork shrinks it creates space between the neck of the bottle and the Cork. This makes it possible for air and bacteria to the bottle. With the result that the winebreaks down. And you keep the wine years on end but to go to ever drink it. It is very uncommon for a wine Cabinet you can find where you can read directly the air humidity. Real wine specialists such as at Cavepromotor will always supply a digital hygrometer with the wine Cabinet. The reason for this is that these no abnormality. An analog hygrometer must be regularly calibrated and that has the disadvantage thatthere is a wrong value can be indicated. So you might think that you are safe inside, but by the wrong information enter your wines yet slowly but surely broken.


By ensuring your wines, you have more fun and certainly if your store has a good conditioned wine delivers more wines on any auction sale. Now it is also true that wines are very sensitive to vibration. This something is often underestimated making wines under tiny vibrations subject go too fast the elderly. The result is that the wine too fast on drank hit or never going to reach its peak. By the wine cooler on Vibration Reduction Blocks be the ambient vibrations, which we as humans often do not feel, reduced whereby the wine can mature in peace and quiet.


Wine coolers you have in various shapes and sizes, but most people speak about awine fridge while those especially shouldn’t have. Only cooling is insufficient if yourwines you love. You can also cool with an ordinary refrigerator, but a wine cooler does more than just cool. Namely the humidity control, there if it is too cold. It shouldyou take into account the fact that a wine cooler just like a regular fridge no longer functions if the temperature drops below 10 degrees. A freezer continues to work, but cool equipment stops. This has the disadvantage when you have a wine Cabinet that works according to the koudevalprincipe, that the humidity is disrupted.


The same is true with wine coolers that cheap is expensive. You can save on the purchase price, but a wine cooler running 24 hours a day, so the price difference you pay back in power consumption. This is especially feel in the long run. Not to mention the number of wines which is broke down. Through your wine cooler to order from an organization such as Cavepromotor are you sure you’re dealing with specialists. It is often the case that people apply for their a wrong type in mind. A conversation with an expert can be enlightening. This does not mean that you always with an expensive wardrobe comes. On the contrary, it is often the case that people choose a too heavy model for what they want to do in practice.


A real wine cooler specialist should be able to question to relate to wine. This makes it so annoying when you go to buy a wine Cabinet at companies like Media markt. There can read from the directory, but to everyone with a conversation on the optimal store-or serve temperatures is very wild. That is why it is better be on the safe side in terms of advice and refers one to Cavepromotor.