Get your certificate the same day you have your aeromedical examination


Whether you are a professional pilot or a recreational flyer, you need to go in for aeromedical examination on a regular basis to ensure you are fit to fly. This can be somewhat stressful, especially if you fly to make a living. Therefore you want to obtain your certificate as soon as possible, but of course you also want the examination to proceed according to the EASA guidelines. At Sky Medical Center you can get your medical certificate if you are deemed fit to fly the dame day you visit the Aeromedical examiner for your examination. This way, you do not have to wait very long until you are allowed to fly again. They can provide you with an EASA Class 1, Class 2, LAPL, or Cabin Crew aeromedical certificate, so you will certainly receive the certification you need if your health is in order.

Visit a conveniently located examination office

It is very convenient to visit an aeromedical examiner at Sky Medical Center. Not only do they supply you with your certification quickly, they are also located in a convenient place. You find them close to Eindhoven airport and you can make an appointment even on the same day. This way, you can simply stop by for a medical examination between flights or after your shift has ended. Of course, you do need to bring the necessary paperwork, such as your passport or ID-card, current Medical Certificate and your medical files, should you have any. Next to that you need to bring your glasses, spare glasses, contacts and prescription if you need any.

Make an appointment

Would you like to make an appointment with an aeromedical examiner at Sky Medical Center? Contact them today. It is highly likely you can get an appointment for the same day and it is even possible to get examined in the evening. This way you will be up in the air again in no time. Of course, that is only true if you are deemed medically fit to fly.