Liebherr WS1200 to store 12 bottles at cellar conditions


Liebherr WS1200 GrandCru

The Liebherr WS1200 helps to store 40 bottles devided in two temperature zones. The WS4000 is a freestanding stainless steel wine cabinet. When you hang this wine cabinet on the wall you need a botom cover. 

The WS4000 helps you store your wines under perfect conditions when it comes to humidity, vibrations, UV, temperature and design. Many wine lovers buy this wine cabinet at Cavepromotor in the USA, because they make the best prices and beside that they have knowledge about wine. The roots of Cavepromotor are in the European wine industry. After years of selling exclusive wines to a growing customer base the wine specialists concluded that the way the customers treated their wines was far from perfect. So the wine specialists of Cavepromotor saw it as their duty to inform customer in how to store and serve wine in the most perfect way. They did research on the European market and concluded that Liebherr is one of the top brands when it comes to storage and serving wine. The prices of the wine cabinets are reasonable. After the full roll-out in the EU the experts of Cavepromotor started also in the USA. And what makes them so unique?

Vibration Reduction Blocks
All freestanding wine cabinets are sold with a set of Vibration Reduction Blocks. The blocks are designed to absorb the vibrations created of the environment like passing traffic, drilling, walking people around the cabinet. The effect is that wines are able to ripe over time in full rest. This is the same as if the where riping in a wine cellar.

The humidity is one of the most important issues to be solved and managed in a wine cabinet. To start the ventilation in your wine cabinet is only usefull when you can see that the humidity is to low. This is the reason that Cavepromotor send a digital hydrometer with every wine cabinet.

Cavepromotor has a free servicedesk for customers. When you have questions about the humidity level or other storage realated questions, you can ask the wine specialists.

Filter Alert Service
Every wine cabinet has an Aktiv Carbonfilter. Depending of the model you have to replace at least yearly. In the month before replacement you get an allert which tells that it is time to order your filter. If you like Cavepromotor can ship it to you immidiatly which saves you money. 

So be smart and before you buy a wine cabinet, speak with an expert of Cavepromotor.