Madden NFL 21: October Updates


We are almost midway through October and EA has already released two major updates for Madden NFL 21. While every eye is turned towards the next-gen consoles, it feels good to see that EA has not forgotten their current generation fan base.

Let us be honest before starting, there is still a lot of work ahead before Madden NFL can reach its full potential, but EA is making some real progress. The development team is still using the community feedback in order to fix the most frustrating issues experienced by the players. The least we can say is that the results are already showing, every update changes the game in a good way and players are participating in making their favorite game better.

October update comes with many gameplay improvements. It fixes several issues like opponents sometimes freezing in the middle of the field during offense only practice or audio and stability issues. Abilities like Unstoppable Force and Avalanche have also been improved to make them more useful during specific game phases. They were in fact not working in certain scenario before.

Coverage has also been updated to make it less erratic. Coverage assignments will no longer switch when using the Big Nickel formation, while the AI of covering players have been enhanced. In Cover 4, the Quarter Flat player will no longer match routes that should not match, and Palms Inside Quarter Safety play will cover #2 Receiver in a better way. Those changes should make the gameplay less frustrating.

The update will improve three game modes, Madden Ultimate Team, Franchise and The Yard. In MUT, the star reward is now rewarded in the correct way, combined instead of separately. Players will now be able to import their normal lineup when they create a salary cap lineup. The update has also fixed an issue that made the amount of XP you got from Solo Challenges unbalanced. The UI and the text are now clearer.

Concerning Franchise, we mostly have stability improvements as well as UI modifications. The update has an issue that prevented the Abilities Gift Wrapped, Wrecking Ball, and Brick Wall from unlocking. In The Yard, issues affecting the user’s avatar are now fixed. There are also stability improvements as well as other tweaks to the mode. You can buy Madden coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)