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Nanoparticle research for product improvement

Are you developing products that use nanoparticles? Then knowledge of the properties of these particles is necessary. Nanoparticles are very small, but exist in different sizes. For the right application, it is important to gain insight into this. Solids Solutions therefore performs extensive nanoparticle testing &research, using various instruments and techniques.


BET surface analysis


Information about the specific properties of nanoparticles can be obtained in various ways. By means of a BET surface area analysis of nanoparticles, the specific surface area can be calculated, but also the pore volume and the pore size distribution. For a BET analysis gas adsorption is used. The amount of gas that is adsorbed is examined with a TCD detector. From this the BET surface area or the pore volume can be determined. If more information is required about the substance, the volumetric technique is applied. This can also be used to calculate the pore size distribution.


Solids Solutions laboratory


Solids Solutions is located in Delft and has access to a laboratory with all the necessary instruments. The research we carry out here results in useful information in the field of particles and powders. We use this knowledge to improve the development of industrial products. You can call on us if you get stuck during the development process. We can then identify where the problem lies and how it can be solved.


Knowledge centre, courses and seminars


We also share our findings in other ways. At Solids Solutions Academy you can attend courses and seminars in the field of particle technology. Presentations and events are regularly organised. In our knowledge centre you will find several documentations of studies and results. This information can be requested via the website. Here you will also find the calendar of events. If you need help with the development of your product, please contact us.