Optimize the transportation of your goods by choosing a double deck trailer


Ever wondered how you can transport your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible? By choosing Blankers Transport, your goods will be transported with a double deck truck and trailer across Europe.  This way, they maximize cargo space for your regular goods or voluminous goods. They are equipped with a large fleet of double deck lorries and trailers for high volume transportation. Blankers Transport can load more goods into a single vehicle thanks to their multiple decks. Therefore, they make it possible to transport large volumes by using a smaller number of vehicles compared to regular transportation.

Truck that are designed for specialized transportation

Blankers Transport is equipped with double deck trailers to transport your goods. With a large fleet of over forty trucks, they are available for regular transport as well as specialized transportation. Their double deck trailers offer approximately double the capacity of a regular trailer. If you need to transport large quantities of goods or voluminous good, the double deck trailer is the perfect transportation solution. The fleet of Blankers Transport is equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanisms to enable double or triple stacking. This way they can compress voluminous goods that cannot be damaged by this process. But how does the loading of the double deck trailers work? When they are ready with the first load, they will lift the loaded deck. This will make room inside to add another load, this time on the second truck deck below. When all the decks are loaded, they will be gently lowered into their final positions in the trailer.

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At Blankers Transport you will always receive great service, whether you need a double or single deck trailer. Let your goods be transported by a professional company to your destination of choice in Europe. Do you want to receive more information about the transportation by double deck trailers? Give them a call and they will help you.