RNA and DNA isolation


In order to get good results in the field of biomolecular studies of genes a researcher needs RNA and DNA isolation kits to do genomics. It’s important to separate and isolate nucleic acids to be able to observe those better. In recent times a lot of new technologies and techniques in biochemistry have been developed to for genetic research. Think of automated platforms, liquid handling robots and of course many kits to speed up generic tasks such as the PCR kit.

Would you like to know more about all the available automation devices for genomics and other gene related research? In that case you can read more about it on our website. There are a lot of suppliers who have developed many advanced machines to improve the biomolecular and life sciences. For detailed information on RNA and DNA isolation products or other goods such as reagents for genes can be found at GC Biotech company.

Automated devices for genomics

For all the automated devices that can be used for genomics GC Biotech provides a great many of them from trusted sources like Bioline. They can be use for DNA and RNA isolation, but other can be used after nucleic acids have been purified or nucleic acid isolation. There are many biotech companies that supply us with the most advanced technologies out there. Dynamic Devices is a manufacturer of liquid handling products. They invented the Lynx liquid handling platform and other versatile machines. Denovix supplies robust easy-to-use instruments such as the fluorometer and the spectrophotometer. They are part of a series and can come in the form of modules. Whatever your genomics laboratory needs concerning automated devices for genes you can find all of them at GC Biotech the specialist in automation applications.

Other gene related products

There are more gene related products to improve genetic research and to help with RNA, DNA and nucleic acid isolation. There are basic materials like reagents and complete extraction and isolation kits. For all the details got to gcbiotech.com and find the devices you need for your genomics study.