The advantages of an bioretention system for tree planting companies


Tree planting companies have a lot to do before they can plant trees in urban areas. Before planting, they need to take the infrastructure and underground utilities into account. This is necessary to prevent these utilities from unnecessary damage. Moreover, trees can die prematurely when there is not enough space for root growth. Due to this, the trees are not able to absorb the necessary amount of water to stay alive. This makes clear that tree planting companies can use some help with planting and taking care of trees. Treebuilders is a company which creates solutions with which tree planters can overcome certain difficulties when planting trees in urban areas. One of these solutions is a bioretention system.

A bioretention system to prevent water runoff in cities

Handling storm water runoff is a problem often faced by tree planting companies. Due to a limited amount of greenage and a high percentage of impervious surfaces, urban areas are characterized as a difficult environment for water management. Heavy rain makes water management even more difficult. The big change in the natural water balance leads to a far greater discharge of waste water, exacerbated by poor water runoff options. A bioretention system is an excellent solution to prevent floods as well as dying trees during dry periods.

Discover all the possibilities

Besides the bioretention system, Treebuilders has a lot more solutions to offer for tree building companies. They have, for instance, also crated the ‘sandwich construction’. This is a pressure spreading system that keeps soil from compacting and increases the available space for root growth. The experts of Treebuilders would like to discuss all the possibilities for your specific urban area and answers all you questions about their technologies. So, are you going to start a tree planting project? Feel free to contact this innovative company.