What to read to children

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In this collection, we have selected the best books for you, which we highly recommend paying attention to.

“Tilda Apple Seed. Where has Rupert gone? ” Andreas Schmachtl

Continuation of the wonderful series about the enterprising and friendly mouse Tilda. In this book, friends go in search of Rupert the hedgehog, who mysteriously disappeared. What awaits them on the way? Will they find Rupert? Read on and find out!

“Ships and Navigation” Elena Kachur

The most useful book not only for children, but also for parents. From it you will learn about when the first ships appeared, how they are arranged and why they do not sink. You will understand what ships are and will be able to understand marine terms. And also, learn to knit sea knots!

“How to explain geography to a child” Illustrated guide for parents

If geography is a real torture for you, you constantly confuse the Arctic with Antarctica, and a child asks questions, then this wonderful encyclopedia is for you! In this book, even the most difficult material is easier to perceive, thanks to visual examples, illustrations and detailed descriptions. We read this book and realized that much of what is written here was not available in our time. We were not told about climate change, deforestation, uneven development, international conflict resolution and integral geography. In general, a real gift for you and your child!

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