Why a headset shouldn’t be missing from your guided tour


You are going to give a tour to a group of people. Whether it’s a city tour, a business tour of a factory or a cultural tour of a museum, you want it to be an unforgettable experience.

Every time you notice that, despite your efforts and good preparations, your story does not reach all participants of the tour. There can be several reasons for this; you are not well understood, the participants are quickly distracted, you walk with too large a group and you doubt whether they will find the story interesting. With a communication system you can prevent many of these problems and ensure that participants hear you well, stay involved and experience the tour optimally.

That is why in this blogpost 6 reasons why a communication system should not be missing during your tour:

1. You don’t have to raise your voice or shout to make yourself understood by the participants of the tour. Through a communication system you can easily make yourself understood by communicating at a normal sound level through the microphone of the headset. The participants will clearly hear what you are saying through the headset (earphone) they are wearing. This also makes it no problem to show large groups of people around.

2. Do you understand what the guide said?’ belongs to the past. All participants, equipped with a communication system, can understand you well and get all the necessary information. This is certainly important in situations where people or organizations have paid for the tour.

3. If people don’t understand the guide well, they can get distracted. With a communication system you increase the involvement of the participating people in the tour. They also stay better together as a group and that is easy.

4. You are less of a burden to the environment because you don’t have to shout to communicate with the participants. In a factory or a city it can be disturbing for bystanders when a guide is shouting to speak to the participants.

5. In the case of an organized tour, it can sometimes happen that uninvited people join the group. This may not be desirable for several reasons. A communication system prevents this, as people without a tour system cannot listen in.

6. In the case of a duplex communication system (two-way communication just like a telephone call) there can be interaction between the guide and participants. Everyone in the group can use the headset to hear what others are saying and react to it. For example, a participant can ask a question, which you as a guide can answer directly.

Everyone hears the question and the answer, so the question does not have to be repeated by the guide, because everyone has heard the conversation. For you as a guide this works efficiently and the participants of the tour are directly, clearly and unequivocally informed. In addition, interaction makes a tour more fun and participants stay involved.

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