Your produce is ready to be sold thanks to this vegetable washing machine

Are you looking for ways to speed up the produce handling process of your vegetables? Then you need a vegetable washing machine from Allround VP! This company provides complete solutions for your vegetable processing, ranging from complete lines to single machines, such as vegetable washing machines, and storage solutions. Whether its potatoes, onions, carrots or other vegetables that need to be processed in your distribution centre, there sure is a suitable vegetable washing machine available in the wide product range of this company.

Washing machines that provide an optimal cleaning result

The vegetable washing machine that you can buy at Allround VP operates with a water basin. The drum of the machine is made to agitate produce in the machine. This is a very effective way of cleaning vegetables, that is also sustainable as the water is recirculated to be used again. There are different types of vegetable washing machines in the range of Allround VP. It depends on the type of product, the desired intensity of cleaning and of course your vegetable processing line which one is best to buy. Besides the standard range, it is possible to choose from certain additional options. This way, you find a vegetable washing machine that perfectly suits your production process.

Get in touch to obtain a quotation

Do you need a vegetable washing machine or other vegetable processing equipment? Then discover the full range of products on the website of Allround VP. Once you have found the vegetable washing machine or other equipment you need, you can get in touch with them by using the contact details on the website to request a quotation. If needed, you can also get in touch with them to receive more information about the different options available. This way, you are sure of finding a washing machine or other equipment that completely fits your commercial needs.